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Our tools

BMV is constantly innovating in order to offer its customers high-performance tools to improve the monitoring, quality and environmental impact of shipments while improving the performance of its network.

Improving the tracking and quality of shipments

Acorweb software

BMV’s specially developed software for its customers. It can be used to communicate directly with BMV’s customer service department, to enter order processing requests, to inform customers of the shipment / preparation of their order, to prepare and track shipments, to generate pre-invoicing, and to view the status of inventory, proof of delivery, after-sales service alerts and statistics (transport, warehousing and logistics).
BMV can also provide the computer equipment needed to use this software.

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Preventive monitoring

One person from BMV customer service is responsible for the daily monitoring of customers’ shipments for quick and efficient feedback of information if necessary.


Weekly or monthly reports are generated for the customer, which help to identify possible areas for improvement.


BMV’s proprietary on-board computing solution. This solution is currently being rolled out in all BMV agencies, in the long term:
All drivers/delivery drivers will be equipped with a PDA and a GPS in order to streamline and track each step of their mission (loading, transport and delivery) in real time. This will give customers access to reliable and up-to-date information.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

In partnership with L’Oréal and Neopost (and taking advantage of Carrefour’s research in this area), we are studying, in the medium and/or long term, the use of RFID for parcel traceability.

Reducing the environmental impact of our activity

Our CO2 measurement tools2

Our firm belief: measuring CO2 emissions makes it possible to monitor the efficiency and sustainability of an activity.

We have developed or are developing a number of tools:

  • Retrospective measurements with carbon footprint assessment: For each customer, BMV provides an annual average and estimated base of its CO2
  • Real-time measurements of traffic-related emissions on all business lines (transport, logistics, international). BMV offers a calculation tool that provides an estimated monthly average of CO2 emissions due to fuel consumption of customer traffic.
  • Projective measurements on all activities.

An expansion of the aforementioned tool provides an estimated monthly average value of CO2 emissions from potential customer traffic.

The development of new electrical operating equipment

In order to offer its customers a cleaner and more comprehensive service, BMV is harnessing technological advances to develop new operating equipment.

  • Electric delivery vehicles: In partnership with Gruau and Géodis, BMV is working on the development of a 3T5-type low-floor fully electric vehicle with a range of about 150 km.
  • Electric pallet truck with scale: in partnership with Fenwick and Géodis, BMV is working on the development of an electric pallet truck with scale for delivery.

Urban delivery platforms

In partnership with the City of Paris and Géodis, BMV is studying the feasibility of urban delivery hubs, with the aim of creating multi-carrier platforms that would be used for deliveries to professionals and private individuals.

  • The platform would then deliver throughout the metropolitan area using electric vehicles.

Making the BMV network even more efficient

Strengthening BMV's international network

In 2009, BMV launched a medium- and long-term project of international expansion to strengthen its existing network of agents and representatives and to study future strategic locations in the following areas:

  • Near Europe
  • China
  • California
  • Brazil

Increasing the effectiveness of BMV's tools

Wire-guided logistics

BMV has recently completed the construction of a wire-guided logistics warehouse in the Yonne. Nearly 11,000 pallets are now at 1510 standards, racked on 5 floors (plus the ground) in narrow aisles. His tool strengthens the particularly efficient transport plan implemented by the Auxerre branch.

100% online

BMV is improving its computer system to allow customers to enter transport or logistics order processing requests via a web application that is connected to BMV’s head office. This tool also provides real-time monitoring.

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