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Our jobs

The BMV Group's activities are built around 4 key stages.



Managing the entire supply chain process

Each of the activities in the supply chain is very specific and are not managed in the same way. For example, international activities have requirements that national ones do not, and logistics is different from transport.

Nonetheless, all these activities are both essential and interdependent because they rely on the same operational and cost centre.

That is why we strive to fully master and understand all of the aspects of the supply chain in order to provide you with a valuable and sustainable service, because the strategic aspects of your supply chain are inseparably linked with national and international transport and logistics.

Supply chain activities

Batch, Courier, Express

Cross docking, Warehousing, Order processing, On-site services, Overflow area

Overseas air, Overseas maritime, Global transport, Customs



Adapting our expertise to meet our customers' expectations, challenges and constraints. Providing a comprehensive and detailed response to an overall need

1- We study your specific environment on a case-by-case basis
An understanding of your expectations and challenges, your working environment and your growth prospects influences the solutions that are implemented and the areas of attention.

2- We leverage the BMV group’s experience
100 years of working with customers from all sectors of activity and requirements in terms of supply chain services give us the necessary background to respond to your issues.

3- We utilise all of the group’s resources
A solid international, European and national network.
Local agencies based in France and Germany. Reporting and quality monitoring tools. Teams on the ground. A proven commitment to quality.

Because the solutions we offer take into account the specifics of:

Your sector of activity

Your economic environment

Your strategic objectives

Your development goals

When an initial collaboration allows us to better understand a customer’s flows, we incorporate your specific requirements into a comprehensive and complex logistics plan, whose mastery allows us to identify avenues for development and optimisation.



Optimising the existing solutions and adjusting them to our customers' specific requirements

Our approach
To accurately analyse your supply chain in order to identify potential areas for development.
We examine the global diagram illustrating the interactions between supply chain activities and products and look for ways to optimise or find new solutions.

There are many possible avenues for optimisation
Reinforcing management of international constraints, deploying our logistics expertise, creating value upstream at the customer’s site, integrating inbound logistics at the supplier’s site, exploiting our national transport network, etc.

Our expertise enables us to devise complex solutions and optimise your installation:

A dedicated national transport network with more than 100 years of expertise and know-how as well as:

  • A network that has been established in Germany for more than 70 years.
  • Multiple logistics warehouses: from cross docking to order processing
  • People, skills and high-performance tools to arrange international transport and customs management
  • An overall management of the supply chain that generates value through the integration of inbound logistics constraints
  • An ability to adapt our services to the expectations of the recipients thanks to our contact with the end customer.



All your logistical, administrative and transport information at your fingertips

We are constantly endeavouring to use the most modern tools in order to make your orders easier and to improve the monitoring and traceability of your operations.

Thanks to our ACORWEB software, managing your shipments becomes:

Easy online access with a login and password.

More efficient
Information is provided in real time with proof of delivery (POD).

Less burdensome
Logistics, order processing, commercial documents, national or international shipping: you can manage everything on a single platform.

More transparent
You can manage and export all the information that BMV processes. Your customers can also easily access the tracking of your shipments.

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