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Our men and women

The BMV group supports its teams of men and women in their professional development.
Every single person in the group can develop their full potential and devote themselves with satisfaction to customer satisfaction.

The figures don’t lie

More than 900 people and 700 in Germany are involved in BMV's activities every day

An average of 16 years of seniority in the group

10 different nationalities

A strong culture of quality and local expertise

BMV is a forerunner in the social protection of employees (bonus month, supplementary health insurance, provident fund, profit sharing, etc.)

Absence of social conflicts for more than 30 years

More than one million euros donated to social and humanitarian causes and for sports and artistic sponsorship

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The BMV group has always supported individual and group sports initiatives as well as humanitarian actions because these initiatives promote the values of team spirit, mutual support and personal excellence that have made our company successful for so many years.

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Key figures


...A strong local presence in France and Germany, together with a strong network of national and international agents allows the BMV Group to offer a complete and sustainable Supply Chain service...